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Principal Investigator


Juha-Pekka Kulmala, PhD, Docent in Clinical biomechanics

I have been working at the HUS Motion laboratory since 2016 as a clinical biomechanist and researcher. Currently, I work as an Academy of Finland Research Fellow and lead the activities of the Helsinki GMG. More about my past work from here

Research group


Maxwell Thurston, M.Sci in Biomechanics, PhD candidate


Mika Peltoniemi, M.Sci in Biomechanics, PhD candidate

Satu Reivonen-Liv, M.Sci in Physioteraphy & PsychologyPhD candidate

Di Wang, M.Sci in Sports Sciences, PhD candidate

Valtteri Huttunen, M.Sci in Biomechanics, PhD candidate

Marleena Vornanen, PhD in Social Psychology, Post doc resercher (part time) 

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