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  • GMG attends Nordic Vicon User Group Meeting (February 2024, Helsinki)
    Our presentations: Insights from high-density EMG analysis during exoskeleton-augmented walking in patients with Cerebral Palsy A 30 minutes of walking reduces ankle joint stiffness in children with CP Are clinical measurements related to spasticity appearance in dynamic movement in CP?
  • GMG goes to ESMAC (September 2023, Athens)
    Our group has the following presentations in the ESMAC conference: Metabolic Cost Reductions Are Associated with Reduced Muscle Activity When Walking with a Robotic Exosuit in Patients with Cerebral Palsy Relationship between spastic catch measurements and ankle joint movement in walking and hopping in children with cerebral palsy Antigravity muscle efforts during walking determined in an inverse dynamics approach Patients with scoliosis have dysfunctional spinal muscles - a preliminary study
  • HS visited our lab ( April 2023)
    Helsingin Sanomat wanted to examine the effects of shoe cushioning on the biomechanics of running. Our analysis revealed that that leg stiffness is adjusted to accommodate different shoe cushioning properties. Read more.
  • Research group founded (January 2023)
    Helsinki GMG is founded and growing. The purpose of this webpage is to inform about the research work of our group.
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